1925     Karl Arthur Steinel founded the "K.A.Steinel Metallwarenfabrik" in Sohl

1932     Move of the Company to Mühlhausen/Vogtland processing of drill- and press parts

1934     The Company Steinel becomes Original-Equipment-Manufacturer for „Horch“ Zwickau and „Wanderer“ Chemnitz with tank- and battery holders

1945     Restart with the manufacturing of table lighters, license plates for bicycles and drill parts

1965     NAfter the death of K.A. Steinel, the business is continued by his wife, with support of their two sons

1986     Wolfgang Steinel takes over the enterprise and changes the name into "Wolfgang Steinel Metallbearbeitung"

1990     Collapse of all existing customer relations, realignment in automatic drilling of rod material


1991    1. Oktober founding of "Steinel Zerspanungstechnik GmbH"

1992     Construction of our new production hall

1993     First CNC – Drilling machine INDEX GB 65

1995     Begin of education of apprentices

1998     Extension with second hall area

2003     Drill- and mill centers INDEX G 300 mit Y-axle und counter spindle

2005     Involvement and refoundation of the "Varioplast Vogtland GmbH", Oelsnitz/Vogtland

2006     First steps in milling technology through Chiron 3-axle-Millmachine

2008     Expansion of the production range through vertical technic Emag VL

2010     Fusion with "Varioplast Vogtland GmbH" to "Steinel Metall + Kunststoff Systeme GmbH"

2013     Initial certification DIN ISO TS 16949 successful concluded

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